Suggested Line of the Roman Road across Darley Park towards Little Chester.

A road has been assumed on the west bank of the River Derwent to an assumed bridge leading to the 'Gravelled Path' on Stukely's map but never excavated. This road is drawn on a graphic contained in the report into the preliminary excavations prior to the proposed installation of a new flood defence system on Darley Fields.

I am suggesting that the line shown running north-west to south-east is incorrect and that it should run in a west to east direction

My own research suggests that the part of 'Stukely's gravelled path' on the Darley Park side of the river indicates the east to west direction as can be seen on the following graphics.

Google Earth historic image 21/09/2006.

Black and white enhanced LIDAR image from 

The line on this LIDAR image and the crop mark on the Google Earth image are on identical alignments. Additionally the lines seem to correspond to the alignment of Long Lane. The corresponding line on Darley Field to the east is also on this line. The two sloping lines, top right, are the remains of the trenches placed across the field during WWII to prevent enemy planes landing.

Ron McKeown 7th June 2018


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