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 Don Farnsworth

A history of MARKEATON and MACKWORTH - FROM MEARCA TO CLARK-MAXWELL - ISBN 1 85983 503 1. The most comprehensive work available on the history of Mackworth and Markeaton which includes the present incumbent of the Lordship of the Manor. A detailed study with many unique photographs and documents makes this book an important contribution to the historical records of Derby.

First published in 2006 by The Breedon Book Company Limited, Breedon house, 3 The Parker Centre, Derby, DE21 4SZ and available from all good local book shops.

Priced at 12.99 it includes over 150 archive photographs and contains 188 pages.

 Ron McKeown

The Rivers of Time. An investigation into the role played by the Derwent and Trent rivers in shaping the history of Derby, Nottingham and other towns on the flood plains - ISBN 0 95306037-3 - New Price 4.00
A controversial investigation into the evidence of historic water levels in and around the City of Derby which questions the validity of previous historians in determining the development of the town since the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons.

The Viking influence is also examined as is the belief that it was they who changed the name of the town. An examination of spelling examples suggests that the Viking name was recorded in "Old English" and that this may have led to some confusion regarding the interpretation

The book is on sale from the author. See Email Contact List for details.
Follow this link for a further review.The Rivers of Time

The Man-Made Global Warming Debate and Historical Contradictions - ISBN 0 9530603-8-2 - Price 3.50
This A5 book of just 43 pages is a follow-up to The Rivers of Time with another answer to the question of, “Where did the water go”? This book challenges the accepted thinking that temperatures, and therefore sea levels, are higher today than at any time in the past. Ron has discovered evidence that the Medieval Warm Period had higher sea levels which increases the validity of the interpretation of the evidence in The Rivers of Time and firmly fixes the Viking establishment of Derby and Nottingham into the typically Viking context of “D” shaped enclosures surrounded on three sides by water. As Ron says about the man-made global warming argument in his introduction, “It was never my intention to enter this debate but my interest in local history has dragged me into it whether I want to be here or not”. Right or wrong the observations Ron makes and the evidence he presents is compelling and deserves to be heard. The book is on sale from the author. See Email Contact List for details.

 Kevin Archer

1852 DERBY - Price 25
Kevin has titled his book 1852 DERBY with the sub title “A Map, A Gazetteer, A Newspaper” which adequately describes this extensive work. It is a detailed, “Yellow Pages” of late nineteenth century Derby with people, places and businesses listed in logical order and referenced against the 1852 map.

This is an important work for the historical researcher or the just plain curious and is well worth the 25 price tag. Copies are currently available from the author. See historic maps page for contact details

 Derek Palmer

Demolition of Derby
Derby Beneath Your Feet
Old West End Pictures
West End Best End
100 Years of the West End
West End Stories by West End People

 Denis Eardley

Around Wirksworth Tempus Publishing (Old pictures)
Wirksworth and Surrounding Area (Self Published)
Villages of the Peak District Amberley Publishing
Derwent Valley Walks DB Publishing

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