The Roman Road across Darley Fields

The following is a rare picture of the remains of the Agga fenced in for protection. There is no sign of the flood bank and in the distance stands a building with a large chimney. To the right can be seen the buildings that stood behind Alfreton Road. This would appear to be after the fields were leveled by Sherwin. (Picture given to me by Don Farnsworth in 2006 when researching for my book).


Another picture below from the Don Farnsworth collection also to assist my book research in 2006. This is an aerial showing the laid out sports pitches and the line of the road through them. I am uncertain about the dating because it is difficult to see if the hall is still in situ or has been pulled down. However it is certainly pre 1960 judging by the good state of the GNR line from Friagate station.

The following picture was taken by me in 2006, again for my book. It had been a dry summer and the line of the road was showing through the grass.


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